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Cybesecure Droe Policy Explained


Cybersecurity Drone Policy Explained

by Casie Ocana, AUVSI  - Director of Trusted Programs

With cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities on the rise, it’s an important time to review relevant cybersecurity guidelines and frameworks that will impact drone design and testing, as well as any influence on purchasing decisions. This session will provide an overview of threats and geopolitical considerations that are shaping US domestic policy, highlighting the Blue and Green UAS programs that were implemented to address these cyber risks. These programs explore topics that are top of mind for government UAS program managers and policymakers alike, such as country of origin considerations, supply chain requirements, and opening new, secure supply chains outside of countries of concern.  Finally, the session will further explain the Green UAS program, which was initiated to expand the number of commercial uncrewed aircraft systems that meet the highest levels of cybersecurity and supply chain requirements.


What is the FAASTeam

Community Outreach and Public Perception of Drones 

by Joey Roberts (bio)

Academiic Lightning Talk

Academic Lightning Talk

  • RFID and Drones for Nursery Inventory Management by Dr. Joe Mari Maja of South Carolina State University (bio)

  • Uncrewed Aircraft Systems in Marine Mammal Research by Wayne McFee of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) (bio)

  • Aerial Drones for Water Sensing and Targeted Sampling by Dr. Nikos Vitzilaios of the University of South Carolina (bio)

  • Drones and Weather - Important Forecast Elements for Drone Pilots by Mike Proud of the National Weather Service (bio)

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