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SCi-CAST #010:  2022 4th Quarter Meeting

This SCi-CAST is a recording of our 2022 4th Quarter meeting.  This meeting includes five "lightning talks" from SCiDUC members using drones in their everyday activities.  See the list below for the specific speakers and topics.

  • Graham Wagner (DNR):  DNR Monitoring of a Crab Bank at the Sea Bird Sanctuary in Charleston Harbor.

  • Stephen Baxley (Easley PD):  BVLOS at the Easley Police Department

  • Corporal Jason Gilbert (SC Highway Patrol's MAIT):  SCHP Drone Use in Collision Reconstruction

  • Susan Wang (USC):  Drone LiDAR for 3D Marsh Mapping

  • Nikos Vitzilaios (USC):  CUstomized Drone Systems for Advanced Sensing Applications



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