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SCi-CAST #002:  Drones and Privacy with David Sella-Villa

Drones can provide significant benefits to SC state agencies. However, the issue of "privacy" is something that all state drone operators should be aware of. But what are the rules? In this SCi-CAST, we hear from David Sella-Villa on what privacy means and what SCiDUC members need to know.


David is Assistant General Counsel to the South Carolina Department of Administration.  He also teaches in the Law School at the College of William and Mary as an adjunct professor where he focuses on aviation law.  Additionally, David has served as general council to a private aviation firm in Virginia.  He has significant experience with aviation, FAA rules, and privacy & security matters.  As the topic of drones and privacy is at the intersection of those areas, David is well suited to speak to the SCiDUC membership on this important issue.


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