Drone Products & Data Services: What Drones Can Do For Us?
Lunch & Learn With Back Forty Aerial Solutions

Our 4th quarter meeting promises to be a great meeting with which to wind down the quarterly meeting series for 2022.  This meeting’s theme is Drone Products and Data Services: What drones can do for us?  Six of our SCiDUC members will provide short presentations that highlight how the agencies/institutions for whom they work utilize drones in their day to day operations.  We are looking forward to hearing from:

  • Graham Wagner (SC DNR):  “DNR Monitoring of a Crab Bank at the Sea Bird Sanctuary in Charleston Harbor”

  • Stephen Baxley (Easley PD):  “BVLOS at the Easley PD”

  • David Sella Villa (SC Department of Administration):  “Drone Privacy Essentials”

  • Jason Gilbert (SC Highway Patrol’s MAIT):  “SCHP Drone Use in Collision Reconstruction”

  • Nikos Vitzilaios (USC):  “Customized Drone Systems For Advanced Sensing Applications”

  • Susan Wang (USC):  “Drone LiDAR for 3D Marsh Mapping”

We are also looking forward to a lunch and learn session from SCiDUC’s newest sponsor and this meeting’s principal sponsor, Back Forty Aerial Solutions (BFAS).  BFAS is a company based in Columbia SC offering a wide range of drone services.  Please take a look at their website for more information.

Speaking of lunch… gotta have lunch for a lunch and learn… right?  As in our last two quarterly meetings, lunch will be provided by SCiDUC.

So, are you asking, “How do I get in on all this?”  Quite easily, actually.

  1. Reserve November 16th from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. on your calendar.

  2. Complete the form below to RSVP.  Additional info. and directions will be emailed.


Please be sure to register by November 11th so that we have an accurate headcount for our caterers.

I hope to see you there!

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