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Research and Development Committee

About the Committee

Explore pertinent research questions that would benefit its membership; seek research opportunities on development and application of UAS technologies among academia and state/local agencies; and support SCiDUC members with appropriate subject matter expertise.  


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Committee Co-Chairs

Jason Lucas: and Susan Wang:

Lightning Talks

Lightning talks offer brief, succinct overviews of applied research findings and technology case studies. They are meant to disseminate new information in an informal way to the broader drone user community. If you are interested in conducting a lighting talk please contact one of the committee chairs. Click the images below for links to our most current lighting talks.

Gary Thumbnail.jpg
Using UAV to Measure Shoreline Change 
Gary Sundin, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Gary Sundin,, shellfish biologist with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources describes how they use Drones to measure shoreline change off the coast of South Carolina.  Watch this very interesting presentation to learn how Gary and his team use various tools and programs to monitor our natural resources and how they are making a positive impact.

LT picture.jpg
3D Visualization for Closed Canopy Tree Survey
Susan Wang, University of South Carolina

Drone technology enables 3D visualization for closed-canopy tree survey inventory. At Sweet Bay Pond Dam, Columbia, SC, this talk demonstrates how to extract tree height, crown and species from sUAS orthoimage and point cloud. It briefs the opportunities and challenges of drone-assisted tree surveying

To read more about this please click the article here

Joe pic.jpg
Using Drones to Inspect Bridges
Joe Burgett, Clemson University

Drones are being using by state Dept. of Transportations across the country.  In this lightning talk, Dr. Joe Burgett of Clemson University, talks about a project he did with the SCDOT.  Specifically, he elaborates on how the research team used a drone to inspect the Bates Bridge over the Congaree River.

baxley image.jpg
Emergency COA/eCOA
Stephen Baxley, AIRWORX

The Special Government Interest Group (SGI) is a component of the FAA SOSC that supports true, bonafide, public emergencies that require flight authorizations that would fall outside of Part 107 - or a COA that is already issued to an agency / pilot. We call these Emergency COA or eCOA. The SGI group will grant and approve temporary authorization to help complete the missions

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