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SCiDUC recognizes members who have made a significant contribution to incorporating UAS technology to improve the execution of their agency's mission.  To nominate a SCiDUC member for the SCiDUC Member Spotlight, please click the button below and provide a short description as to why you feel they should be recognized.


December 2020

Sean Briggs

Sean works with SC DHEC and has been a certificated pilot and part of DHEC’s drone initiative since 2017. As with all others working in DHEC’s drone program, his drone-related work is voluntary and in addition to his primary job duties as ePermitting project leader (the Department’s undertaking of utilizing one system to generate/track/maintain all permitting activities). Sean has participated in many of DHEC’s UAS group initiatives but has been instrumental in the Department’s recent development of a replacement flight request and tracking system. Due to IT concerns, the UAS group lost its ability for DHEC project managers to easily request drone flights to support their project needs. Through Sean’s extensive knowledge of Microsoft’s Forms and Power Apps software (and a willingness to help where ever and whenever he can), he was able to very quickly create a much improved and versatile flight request and tracking system; a system that has a potential to grow with the UAS group’s needs. Through Sean’s outstanding customer service attitude, DHEC can continue carrying out drone flight/mission requests with very little inconvenience and delay to the internal project manager customer.

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