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UAS Thermography Workshop:  There is a lot more to infrared than red=hot and blue=cold.

Get ready to elevate your understanding of thermal imaging in the exciting field of UAS Thermography! On February 13th, 2024, SCiDUC proudly presents an immersive class led by Dr. Joe Burgett from Clemson University. Dr. Burgett is a Level 3 thermographer and teaches applied infrared (IR) application at Clemson University.  This workshop isn't just about understanding the colors of heat; it's an in-depth journey into the world of infrared radiation. The first hour will be a lecture about what infrared radiation is, how to interpret thermal images and best practices for collecting IR data. This session promises to deepen your knowledge beyond the basic "red equals hot and blue equals cold."  But it won’t stop at theory! In the second hour, take to the skies as we fly thermal drones, applying the principles you've just learned. This hands-on experience is your opportunity to see thermography in action in the real world.  Afterward, join us for a catered lunch sponsored by AINautics.

  • When:  February 13th from 10:00 - 1:00.  (Lunch provided)

  • Where:  Harbison Environmental Education Center in Columbia

  • Registration Deadline:  Feb 1st (for caterer attendee count)

Please complete the form below to RSVP.  Additional info and directions will be emailed.

Registration Closed:  At Max Capacity

Registration Deadline is Feb 1st!!!

Special Thanks To AINautics for Sponsoring the Workshop

Due to limited seating available, we are unable to register any new attendees.  We look forward to hosting another thermography workshop soon.

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