Local Regulation Submission Page

The operation and flight of an aerial drone is governed by both federal entities (i.e., the Federal Aviation Administration) and local authorities (i.e. state laws, county government, or local property management).   While the in-flight operation of the aerial drone is governed by the FAA (under the provisions of Part 107 or a COA) local entities can and do create statutes/ordinances impacting where the aircraft can be launched/landed or where the operator of the aircraft is located.  Additional regulations on the collection of imagery or other remotely sensed data may also be governed by the state or local entities.  The only state statute we have in South Carolina governs the flight of an aerial drone over/near a correctional institution. 


To assist in the member activities of SCIDUCC, we are proposing the creation of a dynamic list of local regulations that affect aerial drone operation.  We need YOUR HELP in identifying any local regulation you are aware of.  Michael E. Hodgson (USC-Geography) and David Sella-Villa (SC Administration & USC-Law) are leading the effort for SCiDUCC.   Simply, would you send a brief email to **** with the following information, using Johns Island County Park as an example: 


        Entity Regulating the Drone operation:  

                Johns Island County Park 

        General description of the regulation:   

                 “The following are prohibited in the park:    


                Firearms, fireworks, remote control airplanes/drones and/or dangerous projectiles.” 

        URL (if known):    


        Citation (if known):    

                        Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission, Agency Rules and Regulations (Apr. 21, 2021)