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SCiDUC Inaugural Symposium
Pushing State Agencies into the Sky

Registration Closes May 9th

SCiDUC Inaugural Symposium:  Pushing State Agencies into the Sky

In the rapidly evolving landscape of UAS technology, the first annual SCiDUC Symposium is a significant milestone in SC government drone usage. Hosted by the South Carolina Interagency Drone Users Consortium (SCiDUC), this symposium brings together experts, government officials, and enthusiasts to discuss and explore the multifaceted world of drones and their applications in government agencies. This groundbreaking event will show how drones are revolutionizing various sectors, particularly government operations.


Key Symposium Highlights:

1)  Government Use Cases: The symposium will delve into the diverse applications of drones across government agencies. Attendees will learn how drones are utilized for search and rescue missions, environmental monitoring, disaster response, and more.

2)  Advancements in Technology: Discuss the latest innovations in drone design, including improvements in battery life, flight endurance, autonomous flight capabilities, and remote sensing equipment. These advancements are opening up new possibilities for government agencies.

3)  Regulatory Challenges:  Given the rapid growth of drone technology, the symposium will address the regulatory challenges government agencies face in integrating drones into their operations. 

4)  Cost-Effective Solutions:  Attendees will learn how drones can save time and resources while enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of various tasks.

5)  Collaboration Opportunities:  The event will provide a platform for government officials and drone industry experts to explore potential collaborations. This collaborative approach aims to harness the full potential of drones in various sectors.

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