Sponsors and Partners
The SCiDUC mission is to provide a forum for the South Carolina public sector to communicate, collaborate and share resources in serving the state through UAS Technology.  We are only able to do this by the generous support of our business sponsors and industry partners.  Without them we would not be able sustain the organization.
Thank you for your support!!!
Small Business Sponsor Plus
  • Logo placed on the SCiDUC website (125 x 50 +/- size) for one year.
  • Recognized on SCiDUC social media blast.
  • SCiDUC T-shirt
  • Recognized as one of the sponsors for next quarterly meeting.
  • Logo will appear at the introduction clip of an upcoming SCi-CAST with the verbiage “Brought to you by [insert logo]”.  No more than three Small Business Sponsor Plus logos will appear on the intro clip. 

Small Business Sponsor Plus