2021-Q1 Meeting Sigh Up

The first quarterly meeting for 2021 is scheduled for February 3rd from 10:00am to 12:00.  We will be meeting face-to-face outside near the Harbison Educational Center.  We will have two demonstrations for the membership.  First, Darryl Jones with the Forestry Commission will demonstrate his control burn rig.  Stephen Baxley will be demonstrating the latest DJI aircraft and showing how they can be used for inspection purposes using a observation tower on the Harbison grounds.

We will be social distancing and masks will be required.  Space is limited and will be on a fire come first serve basis.  Please sign up as soon as you can.


Drone Practice Day on December 1st

The Outreach Committee hosted a Drone Practice Day on December 1st at the Harbison State Forest in Columbia.  There was a wide range of SCiDUC participants from various agencies and experience levels.  Multiple stations were set up where participants could practice using the NIST open lane test, remote inspection, various flight exercises, and see the Forestry Commission's control fire rig.

Thanks to all the volunteers that made the event so successful.  Special thanks to Terri McCollister from DHEC and Darryl Jones from the Forestry Commission for leading the effort.


2020-Q4 Meeting from November 12th

We held the the 4th quarter meeting on November 12th at 10:00am.  To maintain social distancing, we again hosted the meeting virtually.


During the meeting an overview of various SCiDUC activities over the past quarter was provided as well as the committee champions provided an update on the good work that they have been doing.  

Recording of the meeting is now available!!!



SCiDUC Open House 

On October 21st the Board of Directors was pleased to host a Virtual Open House for local government and support agencies.  SCiDUC is represented by over 50 government agencies; however most of those are at the state level.  The Board of Directors wanted to have SCiDUC introduced to more agencies at the city and county level.  The recording can be found to the left.  Thanks to everyone who attended.  Please don't forget to "join now!"                                                             


SCiDUC Drone Day with Daniel High School

On March 13th, SCiDUC, in partnership with Clemson University hosted a "Drone Day" with Daniel High School.  Students learned how to operate a commercial UAS under the direct one-on-one instruction of a SCiDUC Part 107 volunteer.  Later, the students went back to Clemson campus where they learned how to process 2D images into a 3D photogrammetric model.  The students and teachers had a great time and were exposed to many drone uses they hadn't previously known about.  Thanks go to the volunteers who made this event possible.




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Drone Practice Day